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I’m hoping you guys can help me out. I’ve never messed with a wiki before, but here are things that I think need their own pages, as well as some brief info to start fleshing them out.


—Half-Elven Priestess of the Seven
—Starting a temple here in town
—More accepted right now than Dennor
—Possibly chooses her battles more carefully than he does.

—Helped settle town after war
—Is kind of run ragged now
—Mentor to Rache
—Seen as heavy-handed, overly-strict. Resented somewhat. Town’s gratitude running thin.

Mother Aran
—Runs The Shambling Giant

—Runs The Traveler’s Inn

Roose D’Dennith
—Full fledged member of House Dennith
—Bears a Dragonmark
—Takes kids in for training
—Brother of Ferdinand Rannick

—Itinerant friar
—Ambassador to neighboring lizardfolk
—Uncle of Fordy
—Employer of Vinn
—Employer of Gerrell

Ferdinand Rannick
—Owns the bank
—Brags of possessing “The Serpent’s Eye” jewel
—Brother of Roose D’Dennith
—Perceived as honest tradesman
—Recent investigation by PCs indicate that he may be a worshiper of Tiamat.

In Town

Traveler’s Inn
—Seedy Tavern
—Owned by Nerrin

Stumbling Giant
—Owned by Mother Aran
—Restaruant-like Tavern

General Store

—Owned by Ferdinand Rannick


Mage’s Guild

House Dennith Outpost
—Run by Roose D’Dennith

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